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Sura BBQ Buffet

Sura BBQ Buffet. Korean, Buffets, Barbeque. 4480 W Spring Mountain Rd. Ste 400. Las Vegas, NV 89102. Chinatown . I have gone here so many times now but haven't been able to write a review until now. I have been extremely impressed by the customer service every single time. First, they do speak English here. Our servers are very upbeat and have recommended sauces to us. I think I was the most impressed with their service when we took our visiting family here.

Sura BBQ Buffet

Sura BBQ Buffet

One of my boyfriend's cousins is a Vegetarian and they offered to cook her some vegetarian fried rice in the kitchen. She was also charged half price because she didn't eat meat. Most places we have been to did not care about her and some have even charged her full price for sitting next to us! Our drinks are never empty here either. Will be happy to bring all our visiting friends and family here because they have yet to give us bad service. Always welcomed quickly with a smile.

Very subpar experience. While they call themselves a BBQ restaurant, the options for such are very limited. Most of the options are filled of cheap bland stuff. Only about 1/4 of the selection is for bbqing, the rest are soups, and side dishes (ex. Kim chi). For the price, it's definitely not worth it. They need MORE meat selections. The reason I gave it a 2 is because the staff are kind and prompt. That's honestly the only thing I like. Came here Jan 15th had lunch with a friend it was awesome  ! comeback a February 14th they remembered me and overcharged us last time $6 ! talk about integrity  I was going to try the place down the street  ! But with me integrity and honesty go a long ways !  Thank you sura you earned a regular  !

The ramen place next door was packed with a long waiting list. With 3 hungry kids in tow, we went to Plan B, KBBQ!! The place is pretty big. Good for large parties. The booths can seat 6 comfortably. Service was basic. They seat you, bring & refill your drinks, clear the plates and clean the grill. Everything else is on you. Even getting utensils and napkins. Lol. The weekday lunch meat selection was very minimal. Beef brisket, marinated chicken, beef intestine and 4 types of pork to choose from. The Wine Marinated Pork Belly was the best meat they had. It's a bit sweet, but it was delicious. Pork Belly (plain) was the runner up. But too fatty (and that's coming from me Mr Pork Fat, lol) The Beef Brisket was just okay. The banchan on the other hand was great. We enjoyed all of them!!  Yum! They had sushi and cooked food as well. I didn't try them, but the kids seem to enjoy it. Primarily the orange chicken. Lol, kids! What I really enjoyed was the soup. It was in the high 40's when we were in LV and that soup was calling my name. The Beef Bone soup was YUM!! The broth was very flavorful and the meat was fall off the bone. elicious!! The other thing I liked was a drink "Soo Jung Gwa" it's made with cinnamon, ginger and brown sugar. I've had this before and it was served to me as an after dinner drink then. The lady told me it help with digestion. Whatever it does, it was good. The grill was also interesting. It's coated with Teflon and to clean it, the waitress just got some napkins and wiped the grill clean. Nice!! The price is reasonable. Comparable to other similar restaurants. The meat selection was limited and you basically serve yourself. They did have some dishes that I liked. All in all, it was a good meal. But like they say, you get what you pay for =)

Trying to convince my mom to go with me because she doesn't like sweet in food and when she finally agrees and we eat here, she gets super sick afterwards. The whole cook your own food in my booth is kinda fun to me. I started out by checking the hot dishes and I really didn't find anything appetizing. I went for the sushi and it was actually really good. The rice wasn't dried out, they had plenty of fish and good flavor. Now for the MEAT...I grabbed some kalbi ribs, pork ribs in spicy wine sauce, bolgogi, squid and shrimp. The shrimp I couldn't eat because since they are whole it's impossible to devein the pop out of them and I got grossed out. The squid was really good though. The kalbi ribs and sliced beef were of good quality and delicious. The pork ribs were not really spicy, they are smothered more in like a sweet marmalade sauce. The pork had a lot of fat but they were very tasty. The condiment bar is awesome because they have sliced jalapeños and garlic cloves to grill. The best part was dessert, grilled pineapple.

We lived in korea for 3 years and went to these beef-n-leaf places quite often... yum!  We were pretty happy when we walked in and everything was familiar, pretty darn close to being in Korea, except for the prices. Even the sushi was decent, the sauces are pretty authentic, the meats were all the same, marinated pretty darn close.  Kimchi in korea was better, but that's a blip to this place that overall was pretty outstanding. Servers were attentive.  Place seemed clean. We would definitely return here if we were from this area.

Lots of different varieties including raw meats that you cook yourself, cooked food like fish, pancakes, cold dishes i.e kimchi, cucumber/ seaweed salad, soups, vegetables, fruits etc. but I am not impressed at all. I prefer all you can eat restaurants provide quality food rather than quantity. Meats weren't fresh at all. When I took out the marinate source, the beef color was dark gray. I am not sure it's the source color or the color of the beef.... The cooked dishes weren't good either. You can find these dishes that were come with the meal in any Korean restaurants with better quality. There are so many Korean BBQ in town and I will not go to Sura again.

First stop in Vegas when I landed. This is the second time I've been here and I sure did miss it.  If only there was one like it in Utah..  I got in around 9:00PM so it wasn't busy and we were seated promptly.  They're open until 3:00 AM (I'd be seriously overweight if I lived in Vegas)!  Drink orders are taken, the BBQ grill starts and off to the buffet you go. They have a wide range of sides including the ones I'm used to.  Cucumbers, beansprouts, broccoli and so much more.  They also have the Korean noodles I'm obsessed with and a yummy seaweed salad!  The meats include pork belly, spicy pork, bulgogi, short ribs, squid, and so much more. They also have options of sushi, soup, and salad.  Their rice is sticky and yummy! My only disappointment was that they didn't have their tofu soup.  I guess they have certain days for certain soups.  It was $25.00 per person for the buffet on a Friday night but I heard the price can vary depending on days.  It was a great deal for the food you get in my opinion.  Service was good.  Also, they have a charge of $5 if you have excessive leftovers so be sure to only get what you're prepared for!

This place is golden! buffet style KBBQ. its way more convenient than waiting on slow service when you can just get what you want! if you go for lunch it's way cheaper. we had a giant group and at my table, 5 girls finished 18 plates of meat. talk about faaaaatttttties. i thought the quality was fine, and my favorite thing about any KBBQ place is the brisket sauce. and this place had endless sauce, so i was in love! i suppose it's pretty unsanitary but so are all other buffets. bring hand sanitizer and deal with it! the food is good.

I've been here a few times & each experience is typically the same. For those that have never done Korean BBQ before, you pretty much choose your meats & side dishes (buffet style) and then you grill the meat. Pros: Good variety of food. Buffet style, so you can grab the food as you please & don't have to wait for your order of meat (which can ironically be a con below). Servers sporadically check to make sure the grill is working. Cons: Not much dessert selection. Some meat items aren't as fresh since it's sitting out. A little pricey compared to other Korean BBQ places. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied when I leave this restaurant... And usually overstuffed! But, I can't complain.

Believe it or not, this was my first experience at this type of Korean BBQ! When given the opportunity to have a nice meal out with some incredible friends we hadn't seen in a minute, we all opted to try something different. This place came highly recommended from some co-workers so we figured," Why the hell not?".

You can find Sura on the north side of Spring Mountain Road, just past Arville, but before you reach Decatur. It's a pretty cool little set up they have. You have a grill situated in the middle of your booth. You just grab your plates and head over to choose whichever meats you like to start cooking! I think we really got lucky tonight since it was not busy at all when we arrived, so we pretty much had our run of the place for a while. Anyways, they have plenty of meat to choose from here! They had bulgogi kalbi pork chicken, kalbi beef, spicy pork loin, pork belly, intestines, and brisket! Nice! We grabbed a bunch of different items and started doing our thing. My favorites were the beef kalbi and the bulgogi! Had plenty of both of these, while making it a point to try just about everything else at least once! ....except for intestines for Mike. They also have a selection of prepared items that are all  ready to eat right then and there while you wait to cook your meats! I had the fried rice(was okay), orange chicken (actually better than expected, nice large portions!), and chicken wings(meh). From what I hear there was a salad bar and sushi available as well. Neither one is really my bag, so I can't personally speak to how either one of those items were. The desert section was kind of weak, though. Just jello and oranges from what I could see. No thanks. That just occupies real estate reserved for meats. Maybe it's because it was pretty slow tonight, but the service here was fantastic! They were very polite and attentive. We were constantly having our drinks refilled. At one point, we had our grill switched out with a fresh, clean one. I was definitely pleased with the service we received here tonight. For roughly $27 per person, I felt like it was definitely worth the money we spent. I am still rediculously stuffed and fighting the itis as I type this. I can definitely see making this a regular spot. 4 solid stars!

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